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Dredge Components

Components for Cutter Suction Dredger

Dredge Yard cutter suction dredger

Components for Cutter Suction Dredger:

  • Dredge Pump including bearing block
  • Dredge Pump Drive including gearbox, clutch, coupling and diesel engine or electric motor
  • Cutter Head, Cutter Teeth, bearing, shaft and cutter drive
  • Swivel Bend and swivel elbow
  • Dredge Ball Joints

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Components for Trailing Suction Hopper Dredger

Dredge hopper suction arm

Components for Trailing Suction Hopper Dredger:

  • Drag Head including teeth, wear blocks, and adjustable visor
  • Dredge Pump including bearing block
  • Dredge Pump Drive including gearbox, clutch, coupling and diesel engine or electric motor
  • Trailing arm including gimbal, turning gland, rubber hose, sliding piece and hositing installation

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Dredge Ball Joints

Dredging Ball Joint

Dredge Yard offers dredge ball joints as follows:

  • Dredge Ball joints sizes for pipe inner diameter from 400mm to 1200mm
  • Dredge Ball joints made for low, medium and high pressure
  • Dredge Ball joint Liners available in steel and hard iron materials
  • Ball turning angle 15 degrees and 18 degrees
  • Dredge ball joints are suitable for discharge pipe thickness variation from 10mm to 30mm

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Dredge Pump

Dredge Pumps

Dredge Yard pumps are designed to meet the latest requirements of dredging and mining industry to be able to work in most harsh environment. The dredge pump and mining pumps are suitable for pumping and handling all slurry, mud, sand, gravel, rocks, and debris.

  • The complete dredge and mining pump is a heavy duty and robust design
  • High efficiency design pumps using double curved dredge pump impeller vanes
  • Easy assembling, disassembly and low maintenance
  • Heavy duty pump shaft and bearing pedestal that can withstand all forces
  • The design can be customized to meet special customer's requirements
  • The pump impeller has a big spherical passage

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Dredge Gate Valve

Dredge Gate Valve

Dredge Gate Valve:

  • No fasteners inside the dredge valves that can loosen and damage other parts during operation
  • Corrosion resistant and hard dredge valve gate ensures longer life time
  • Steel reinforced rubber seals hardened at both ends to ensure long life time and interchangeable in all directions
  • All connections outside the dredge valve body are bolts and nuts that can be easy replaced without damaging any part of the body
  • Compact design due to the use of high tensile steel
  • Inspection holes allow easy inspection without dismantling the dredge valve body
  • Different duties being 10, 20 and 30 bar to fit the right application
  • The dredge valve can be delivered with visual and digital position indicator
  • Easy handling and installation due to hosting lugs and compact design

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Dredge Cutter Head

Dredging cutter head

Dredge Yard cutter heads are designed and manufactured to meet the most harsh environments of dredging and mining and being able to cut soil of different type of material like slurry, mud, sand, compacted sand, gravel, rocks, and minerals.

  • The cutter head has replaceable teeth
  • The cutter head has replaceable adapters welded to the blades
  • The blades are double curved to lead the material inside the cutter to the suction mouth
  • The hub is welded to the blades and has trapezoid thread for mounting to the shaft

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Dredge Bow Coupling

Dredging bow couplings

Dredge Yard bow couplings are designed to allow dredgers and mining vessels to couple and dis-couple the discharge pipe in fast and safe way. The dredge bow coupling can be handled remotely or locally depending on the operators.

  • Heavy duty couplings suitable for coupling of dredge and mining installations
  • Safe way of coupling and dis-coupling
  • The couplings can be coupled and dis-coupled in very short time
  • Remote control and local control of the coupling is possible

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Dredge Swivel Bend

Dredge Swivel Bend

Dredge Yard swivel bend and swivel elbow has the following benefits:

  • The swivel bend and swivel elbow are heavy duty design suitable for any material in the mining and dredging such as slurry, mud, sand, gravel, rocks and debris
  • Highly flexible connection allowing the discharge pipe to move freely after connecting to the cutter
  • Low flow restrictions and low pressure drop due to the smooth bend wall and small bearing connection

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Dredge Turning Gland

Dredge Turning Gland

Dredge Yard standard dredge turning glands has the following benefits:

  • Accurate machining and smooth machining surface of all parts is achieved to ensure sliding properties
  • The dredge turning gland has a compact seal design making the design less heavier
  • Dredge turning glands sliding rings are made from iron for better sliding factor
  • Adjustable turning range by using dismountable stoppers
  • Heavy duty design using minimal pipe wall thickness of 30 mm

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Dredge Pipe Pieces

Dredge Yard Pitched T-Piece

Dredge Yard offers dredge pipe pieces in several sizes and different shapes as follows:

  • Bend Pipe in variations
  • T-Pipe
  • Pitched T-Pipe
  • Y-Pipe
  • Cross Pipe
  • Strait Pipe
  • Conical Pipe

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Dredge Suction Mouth

Dredge Suction Mouth

Dredge Yard suction mouth are design to provide the following benefits:

  • Competitive prices achieved by using one cast piece that eliminates many operations, such as machining, forging and welding
  • Casting the dredge suction mouth in one piece allows the most intricate shapes, both external and internal that can be obtained to follow the shape of the flow
  • The dredge suction mouth is produced with customized design for anti-wear resistance. More material is added where necessary at high wear areas
  • The dredge suciton mouth is produced with high accuracy and precise dimensions to fit in the cutter head and the suction pipe
  • The design of the dredge suction mouth is highly adaptable to the requirements of production allowing shorter delivery times

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Dredge Bucket

Dredge Bucket

Dredge Yard dredging buckets has the following benefits:

  • The dredge bucket is made from one cast steel piece have a strong and heavy duty body resisting impact forces
  • The dredge bucket is reinforced where necessary to have more material at wear areas and high stress spots
  • The dredge bucket is light weight design for cost effective production and operation

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